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With a career spanning over 25 years in the restaurant industry, Fink General Manager Jeremy Courmadias lives and breathes restaurants. As the festive season fast approaches, Jeremy let us in on his top tips for corporate entertaining and a few little secrets to make sure your end of year event runs as smoothly as possible.

What is your go to drink when entertaining guests?

Before deciding on a drink for your guests, it is crucial to do your research. Know what the occasion is and the crowd you will be drinking with, so you can determine what is most appropriate. It’s important to have options, including a non-alcoholic choice, and to never assume that all guests will be drinking. Ideally, a mocktail, cocktail and beautiful champagne will allow you to cover all bases.

What is your tip for working the room when you’ve been invited to a corporate Christmas cocktail party?

My top piece of advice? Always speak to the most important person last. Start by working the room and giving time to each and every guest. You are there to make the experience positive for all attending and therefore speaking to everyone in some capacity will make them feel acknowledged.

What are your go-to conversation starters when entertaining guests that may be a little harder to navigate?

As well as asking open and engaging questions, pay attention to what your guest is asking you. People tend to ask what they want asked of themselves. Listen, and follow up with what you are receiving.

Again, it is important to do some research behind your guests to know where their areas of interest and expertise lie. If you get stuck for conversation, a safe list of topics includes favourite things, holiday plans, restaurant picks and asking your invitee about their interests and hobbies.

What is your recipe for success to host a faultless end of year event, from beginning to end?

My top tip is to take charge from beginning to end. The moment the event comes into being, make plans and get organized. Pre order as much as you can including specific wine labels and menu items, so there is less choice on the day. Large groups can be hard to control and spend can easily get out of hand if there is no plan in place. Take charge on the day by going with a budget in mind and being sure to stick to it!

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