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Top 10 reasons to host your end of year event early week this Festive Season  

With the festive season almost upon us, it is time to organise your end of year event. Whether you are booking an end of year celebration with friends or family before the year is out, booking your team Christmas party or arranging a dinner with clients or colleagues, we have a number of spaces to suit any event.
At this busy time of year, planning can be hard! We’ve come up with 10 reasons why you hosting your event early week may be just the solution.

1. Greater flexibility of timing and date availabilities- Fridays fill up fast

Hosting an event early week means more choice of times and tables so you can host your event exactly when and how you want.

2. Leaves the later part of the week for your busy social schedule

Entertaining clients and colleagues early on in the week is the perfect way to leave time for those Christmas drinks or celebrations with friends over the weekend.

3. More flexibility with accommodating budget requests early week

Lower minimum spends early week mean more affordable event options in the same gorgeous locations.

4. Say goodbye to Monday blues

What better way to lift spirits and kick start your week than with a gorgeous meal at one of Sydney’s finest restaurants.

5. More likely to be on your best behaviour

With work the next day, we’re all likely to be a little more well behaved, meaning lower risks of embarrassing work Christmas party incidents.

6. Diets that start on a Monday don’t work!

According to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, starting a diet on Monday is more than likely to fail. The Finnish researchers found that people who restricted eating earlier in the week were more likely to binge when Friday rolled around. The solution? Spread your treats throughout the week!

7. Transport home is easier and more affordable

There’s nothing worse than ending a fabulous Friday stuck in a taxi rank. Plus we all know about those pesky uber surges on the weekend.

8. Greater chance of getting your ideal table

Whether you’re looking to dine al fresco at OTTO, or harbourside at Bennelong, tables are allocated on a first come first served basis. Secure your dream seat by hosting your event earlier on in the week.

9. Keep up the stamina throughout the busy festive season!

Spreading your events throughout the week, means less double bookings and more time to rest between events, so you can actually appreciate this enjoyable, but hectic, time of year.

10. Greater availability of finding a date that fits into everyone’s busy schedules

Available diary dates are a rare thing as the festive season comes around- especially around the weekend. Hosting your end of year event early week gives you the best chancing of finding a date that suits your whole party.

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